Energy financing and energy management

Consulting Firm:

True Media

St. Louis, Missouri

Interior Lighting Retrofits

Date of Study:
June 2016

Case Study: True Media Lighting Retrofits


True Media St. Louis is a 5,066 square-foot building that houses a marketing agency. The owner contracted EnergyLink to access and implement energy savings that would help the business save money and enhance the overall feel of the offices inside. After EnergyLink completed our assessment, we found that there were substantial savings opportunities in retrofitting the existing fluorescent fixtures with linear LED bulbs.

True Media Lighting Retrofit

The challenge

The offices and cubicle areas contained a total of 106 4-foot 3-bulb fixtures containing 135 T-8 and 183 T-12 lamps. Due to the number of fixtures and the fact that each fixture would require re-wiring to bypass the worn-out ballasts, the project was scheduled over two days. To minimize disruption of the office’s employee workflow, the lighting was replaced in sections. A storage area out of the way of employees was designated for unpackaging the new bulbs and preparing the old bulbs for recycling.

EnergyLink’s solution

True Media St. Louis upgraded their lighting in order to avoid significant energy charges and increase workplace productivity. LED bulbs on average are 30% more efficient than fluorescent light bulbs and last 35,000 hours longer. The lighting upgrade will decrease maintenance time, save the company money, increase productivity in the workplace, and reduce the stress on the electrical grid. The upgrade will also result in a significant amount of CO2 offset.

Fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury that is toxic and must be properly disposed to avoid water and land pollution. EnergyLink follows all regulations to properly dispose and recycle hazardous materials from T8 and T12 bulbs, contributing to the sustainability of local businesses and the environment.

NEw lighting retrofits

The incentives

True Media St. Louis was able to take advantage of a lighting rebate offered by Ameren which is $5 per T8 bulb and $6 per T12 bulb. The total rebate for True Media equaled to $1,773.The rebate reduces the overall cost of the project, making energy efficiency simple, affordable, and effective.

The results


Annual kWh savings


Annual kW demand reduction


Metric tons of CO2 offset every year

The Results

The lighting upgrade for True Media St. Louis will result in annual kWh savings of 17,566 and 6.9 kW demand reduction. This project will result in a yearly 12.3 metric tons of CO2 offset. Here is a full sustainability report from this project.

By upgrading to LED lighting fixtures True Media St. Louis took advantage of the rebate offered by Ameren and will experience annual energy savings, while creating an efficient work environment. To learn more about how your businesses can reap the full benefits of sustainable energy practices, give us as call at (573)777-4811.

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